The mission of the CSOS is to advance knowledge, knowledge sharing, research, scholarship, mentorship and awards that will foster innovations in the continuous interdisciplinary development of the science and study of human occupation in Canada and abroad.

The Canadian Society of Occupational Science/Scientists:

Provides forums that enable and strengthen occupational science knowledge production, knowledge transfer, knowledge sharing, knowledge application and scholarship.

Provides forums for networking and mentorship in occupational science for students, researchers, educators and professionals.

Provides awards and recognition for students and leaders in occupational science.

Partners with national and international organizations to advance occupational science.

Provides forums to collaborate within the public, academic and political spheres to foster the importance of the study of occupation in promoting wellbeing, participation, inclusion, and justice.

Vision (what we strive for)

To be known for the development of exemplary leaders in occupational science and our outstanding impact nationally and internationally in strengthening and advancing collaborative and interdisciplinary opportunities for scholarship, research and study of occupation.

Mission & Vision approved by Board of Directors on March 20, 2023

Goals 2022-2024

  • Mobilize innovations in infrastructure
  • Strengthen and mobilize awards and recognition of leaders in OS 
  • Strengthen and enhance partnerships
  • Mobilize innovations in fundraising to support operations and strategic initiatives
  • Strengthen and enhance marketing and communications
  • Mobilize forums and support for developing the science of occupation.

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