CSOS to Launch of New Student Lead Mini-Series! 

All professionals, researchers, faculty and students, are invited to attend this virtual series to learned more about Occupational Science and engage in presentation topics – how they are being studied and how these topics can be advanced. Find these virtual interactive dialogic session links by scanning the above QR Code or logging onto www.SCSOcanada.orgWe welcome our discussants and their leadership in promoting a dialogue on the following topics: 

  • Date: September 19th, 430-530 PM | EST  

PresenterÉmilie St-Arnaud-Trempe, erg., M.Sc., Ph.D. Student | U of Ottawa 

Topic: Co-occupations within family everyday life: a deeply social perspective of occupation.  

Zoom Link: https://queensu.zoom.us/j/96929783487?pwd=S1poQURrOXRPY2pYWTRuTklkVXdOZz09  


  • Date: October 17th, 4:30 to 5:30 PM | EST 

Presenter: Keven Lee, PhD in Rehabilitation Science | McGill University 

Topic: Caring – with: A critical phenomenological approach to care practices in the context of dementia. 

Zoom Link: https://queensu.zoom.us/j/96929783487?pwd=S1poQURrOXRPY2pYWTRuTklkVXdOZz09 


  • Date: November 21, 430 to 530 PM | EST 

Presenter/Board member: Atul Jaiswal, PhD, Postdoctoral fellow in Vision Science | U of Montreal  

Topic: Occupational justice and individuals with sensory disabilities: a critical dialogue. 

Zoom Link: https://queensu.zoom.us/j/96929783487?pwd=S1poQURrOXRPY2pYWTRuTklkVXdOZz09 


SCSO Cafes and Connections 

SCSO Cafes and Connections is an open space for dialogue, getting to know each other and exploring issues of scholarship and research in occupation.  Join us from 11:00am to noon EST, September 26th, October 24th and November 28th – virtual meeting links will be posted on the SCSO website (links sent to members).

Zoom link: https://queensu.zoom.us/j/93904935358?pwd=S0tKa04vOTdOTjFrS2JIalc0STdiQT09 


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